Code of Conduct


  • Children are expected to come to the school on time i.e. 5 minutes before the school timing.
  • It is mandatory for students to attend the first and last day of the school (i.e. before and after every vacation).
  • For any other day of absence parents should submit a written explanation in the diary.
  • If sick leave is being mentioned and it for more than 3 days, the parents should submit a doctor’s certificate.
  • No half days or early leave for students will be permitted.
  • When a long-term absence is anticipated, parents should obtain written permission from the Principal.
  • No leave will be granted for family vacations, festivities, ceremonies, overseas trips, etc.
  • No assessments will be rescheduled or re-conducted to accommodate student’s absence.
  • Please be informed that on account of the irregularity of any child, it is the responsibility of the parents to collect the absent work from the concerned class/subject teachers.