School Activities

There are an array of events and activities that Bright Academy organizes in order to enable every child to maximize their learning ability with fun. The events and activities mentioned below varies from branch to branch which are as follows:


  1. Daily Activities

Students at Bright Academy participate in joyful activities such as water play during warm months, storytelling which encourages the student to be imaginative along with learning moral values. Moreover, we organize musical classes that include both singing and dancing. Most importantly, Fridays’ at Bright Academy are scheduled as “occupational activity day” wherein students come to the school in civil clothes to experiment the nature’s bounty through activities such as gardening, painting and working with clay. Apart from fun activities we prioritize on skill development through interactive learning in computer labs which are well equipped with multimedia machines. We also encourage our faculty to use the library for enhancing the comprehensive skills of young students. 

  1. Sports Day          

Annual sports day is held for all our students who take part in a variety of fun and exciting games. This helps them in developing team spirit and induce positive attitude towards their fellow classmates. We welcome parents to attend the sports day and encourage their child.

  1. Annual Fete

Every year an annual fete is organized by Bright Academy which has been a great success. During the daylong event, kids, parents & guests can enjoy exciting games such as Tambola, ‘Breaking the Pyramid’, ‘Ringing the Item’, ‘Shaving the balloon’, ‘fishing the bottles’, ‘Car Race’ & much more. In addition, they can enjoy delicious snacks & win prizes.

  1. Special Days

Bright Academy has a regular feature of celebrating major festivals or occasions and pre-planning for the same. This includes a minimum of 5-6 field trips in a calendar year wherein parents are intimated in advance about the same. These trips include visit to the Post Office, Railway Station, Shopping Mall, Park, Ice-cream Corner and much more. Furthermore, Special Days and Culminating Activities are important academic programs in our school wherein parents are invited to be a part of this activity. These activities help the children to demonstrate their skills and project work as parents proactively encourage them in this event.